Lynn Gertenbach: The One Hour Plein Air Landscape

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Lynn Gertenbach: The One Hour Plein Air Landscape™

Plein-Air Painters of America Series™

Create a Stunning Plein Air Painting in One Hour or Less

Lynn Gertenbach: The One Hour Plein Air Landscape™

This video walks you through the step-by-step process of creating a plein air landscape in one hour or less and includes:

  • A Start-to-Finish Painting Demonstration
  • Lynn’s Color Palette
  • An Interview with Lynn Gertenbach
  • An Exhibit of Lynn’s Best Paintings

Now, master painter Lynn Gertenbach, renowned member of the premier group the Plein-Air Painters of America, is revealing her decades of experience, showing you how to create a stunning landscape in just one hour.

For those of you who love to paint but find your time constrained by your life, job, or family commitments — for those who have to take stolen moments to get outside to paint — this video will be invaluable. Lynn has developed a simple system for developing a painting that not only makes your process easier, it makes your paintings more pleasing due to the methods of composition she’ll show you.


You’ll get to watch master painter Lynn Gertenbach create a beautiful California landscape on location in about one hour’s time — including set-up — without ever rushing. See her techniques for making a painting move fast, which can come in handy if you are short on time, or if you just need to capture the light before it changes.

Lynn will show you her critical steps and share decades of experience, including:

  • The Process of Growing a Painting in Oil
  • Analyzing Your Composition Painting from Memory
  • Important Shapes and Angles
  • The Three Basic Shapes Required
  • Color Relationships
  • Creating the Feeling of Air
  • Creating Focal Points
  • A Better Way to Hold a Palette Knife
  • Keeping Insects Away from You While Painting
  • How to Merge the Edges Between the Sky and the Trees
  • The Concept of Star Players and Supporting Actors
  • Creating Effects with Texture
  • Tricks for Painting Flowers
  • Leading the Eye with Shapes
  • Creating Color Harmony in Your Paintings
  • Using Non-Toxic Materials
  • The Proper Way to Tone a Canvas
  • Incorporating Surrounding Colors to Create Harmony
  • The Concept of Gallon, Quart, and Pint
  • Balance Creating a Warm Base
  • Adjusting Colors
  • Adjusting Values and Colors to the Scene
  • Making Distances Recede
  • Adjust Values Outdoors so They Look Right Indoors
  • Understand How Planes Receive Light
  • Making Trees Look Realistic
  • New Ways of Making Greens
  • The Importance of Bold Basic Shapes
  • Working Color Temperature to Harmony
  • The Importance of Proper Brushstrokes
  • Using Cool Colors to Create a Turning Effect
  • Creating Foreground Values
  • The Critical Importance of Grays on Your Palette
  • Connecting Darks to Strengthen Values
  • Keeping Your Painting Fresh and Clean
  • And Much More!

Even if you’re an experienced plein air (outdoor) painter or a studio painter who is in no hurry, you’ll marvel at Lynn’s experience and how easy painting appears to her. You’ll pick up tips that will make your paintings stronger.


Lynn Gertenbach: The One Hour Plein Air Landscape™

If you want to discover the art of creating a painting in an hour or less, this video will help you learn exactly how a master artist does it. The pressure will be off as you employ her techniques to speed up your own painting process, while also learning how to enhance the painting itself. You get to watch at your own pace and try each technique Lynn shows you.

This video is ideal for people on a time crunch, who only have a small amount of time to invest in getting outside to paint. You’ll not only speed up, you’ll improve the quality of your paintings by mastering lessons from Lynn’s decades of experience.



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