Ryan Brown – Painting The Figure In Nature

Discover How To Paint A Stunning Figure Painting
Within A Landscape Using The Same
As The Old Masters

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Would you like to take BOTH your figure painting and your landscape painting abilities to the next level?

If so, please read on…

Today we are releasing one of the most exciting and in-depth video training collections we’ve ever put together.

It’s the first of its kind … where we’ve combined two entirely different types of painting into one single video.

This is BIG news if you want to:


  • Take your landscape painting skills to that Old Master level of quality
  • Improve your figure painting skills to achieve the feel of a painting created hundreds of years ago
  • Discover an exciting way to combine these two art forms and create something that is truly breathtaking


Introducing Painting the Figure in Nature with Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is a true drawing and painting master, and one look at his background will explain why:

During his senior year at BYU, Ryan began studying under the renowned portrait and figurative painter William Whitaker … and then he decided to go all in with his career and enroll in the prestigious Florence Academy of Art.

It was here that Ryan learned how to see the world through the eyes of the Old Masters

Ryan will be the first to tell you that these studies were intense, and yet they also paid off tremendously.

In fact, it wasn’t long after he finished art school that Ryan was producing high-quality painting commissions and studies for some very well-known galleries.

Over the years Ryan has won multiple awards for his work, and his list of achievements and exhibitions is truly impressive.

However, Ryan quickly discovered that he was driven to share what he learned with others, so in 2007 he founded the Center for Academic Study and Naturalist Painting in Springville, Utah.

Perhaps it’s his extensive academic background, or maybe it’s the “good vibes” he gets from helping his students…

…but either way, Ryan is a rare breed of painter — critically acclaimed and an amazing teacher as well.

Ryan takes the techniques of the masters and breaks them down into easy-to-understand pieces.

This is one reason we’re so excited to share his methods with you today.

Ryan Brown’s Painting the Figure in Nature Is One of the Most Unique and Insightful Training Videos We’ve Ever Released

Here’s why:

Ryan has made a name for himself in a wide range of painting formats, but THIS is something that you might call “next level.”

You see, Ryan Brown has taken these two individual forms — figure painting and landscape painting — and combined them so flawlessly that his compositions are almost electrically charged with visual and emotional energy.

The effect is one-of-a-kind, and now we’ve managed to record a unique, in-depth video demonstration … so you can learn how to do it too!

Painting the Figure in Nature gives you all the tools, all the theory, and all the techniques you need to produce your own masterpiece.

Let’s have a look at what’s inside each day:


Day 1

When you combine figure painting and landscape painting, you come away with something that can REALLY take the viewer’s breath away. Ryan has a few theories about why this is, and he’ll share them with you in his exclusive interview with B. Eric Rhoads.

It’s an hour long, but we highly recommend that everyone watch this before they begin painting in order to understand the thinking behind the painting process. It’s a rare glimpse into the mind of a master. After you watch the interview, Ryan starts out Day 1 by helping you prepare your materials and explaining how to “see” your composition as you begin to create it.

He talks about working with a live model and the benefits of using photography when you paint…

He then helps you understand the lines, the forms, the lighting, and all the various parts that come together to give your viewer the strongest emotional impact when painting a figure…

Next he shows you how to carve, mold, and “reveal” the various elements of your landscape with the same techniques the Old Masters used

Essentially, Ryan will teach you how to choreograph your own dance between the landscape and the figure.


You’ll also discover:

  • Ryan’s palette and why he chooses his various and somewhat unusual pigments
  • Which brushes he uses and how he chooses and prepares the right surface for his canvas
  • How to create preliminary sketches to work out the right poses for your figure drawing
  • How Ryan uses various sketches to establish movement, balance tones, create the various elements of the scene, and better define the work
  • How to use photography to examine the dynamic interaction between the figure and nature
  • How to understand color harmonies, value harmonies, and the basic overall tone of the painting
  • What you should know about choosing the right size for your composition
  • How Ryan works with undertones to create a sense of atmosphere
  • The key to maintaining a sense of clarity as your work progresses
  • How air temperature will affect the portrayal of features like trees, rocks, and the human anatomy
  • How to consider your work from the perspective of the viewer
  • Working with texture — why it’s so important and how your canvas and brush choices affect it
  • The common mistakes beginner and intermediate painters make and how to avoid them
  • When to step back so you can “see” the final painting in your mind’s eye

And we’re just getting started!

Next up we have:



This is where “the trains come into the station” and you complete your figure and landscape painting journey.

Here Ryan helps you move from the broad strokes to adding the details and fine adjustments…

Not only does Ryan give you the tools you need to paint your own masterpiece figure painting within a landscape, he explains the theory behind each decision he makes and how you can apply this to your work in the future.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to look for the right things to modify, simplify, adjust, and enhance in all of your paintings from this moment forward
  • How to use anatomical landmarks to guide your adjustments to the figure
  • Key insights into how lighting will affect your brushstrokes
  • How to bring clarity to the different landscape elements and develop your figure so the solutions reveal themselves
  • How to look for opportunities and make corrections that improve your painting’s impact
  • Changing values and thinking about planes to establish unity and improve your composition
  • Defining the edges of the figure, then adding the details that bring elements of the landscape and the human body to life together
  • The small adjustments that make your figure more dynamic
  • How to eliminate or add information as needed to retain a sense of unity within the figure and the overall composition
  • How to “soften” elements of the landscape when it’s appropriate so you guide the viewer’s eye along the proper lines
  • How to paint reflections of the sky, trees, rocks, and the figure on water
  • When to refer to your drawings to keep you on track in your painting
  • How to add textures as you are finishing your painting so that it is an object to be viewed and not simply an image
  • Making the key decisions that “ground” your figure and attach it visually to the various landscape elements
  • Understanding the underlying anatomy of your figure and how it works with the 3D curves and forms of your composition
  • How to think your way through the details as you add them

…and that’s just a small taste of what you’ll get in these videos.


So here’s the question:

Would you like to know how to do something VERY few painters today know how to do?

Maybe you want to see your work in galleries…

Or maybe you’d simply like to create something special that will leave your family and friends speechless.

Either way, these training videos will guide you step-by-step to getting there.

Over 12 hours of training in the comfort of your own home. Others have paid many times the price to attend a Ryan Brown workshop.

If this interests you, then…

Act right now and you can get Painting the Figure in Nature with Ryan Brown for one single payment of

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Not only will you get to learn from a true master, you’ll gain key insights into both figure painting AND landscape painting that you won’t find anywhere else…


…and you’ll discover how to combine these two art forms to create something truly unique and charged with emotion.

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So if you want to take your figure and landscape painting skills to the next level — and discover how to combine the two to create something truly amazing — then you should click the button below right now:

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We can only make this guarantee because we’re that confident in Ryan’s teaching methods and his ability to help you make quantum leaps in your development as a painter.

After all, students around the world would jump at the chance to study with this master painter.

If you’re still on the fence about giving these training videos a try…


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All you need to do is ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Do I want to dramatically improve my figure painting skills?
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  • Would I like to follow a living master, step-by-step, and create my own beautiful figure drawing within a stunning landscape?
  • Would I like to learn the approach taught in the French academies over 100 years ago?
  • Do I want to transition from being an average painter to producing exceptionally high-quality artworks?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then Painting the Figure in Nature with Ryan Brown was created for you.

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Your friends,

The Streamline Art Video Team


If you’ve always wanted to train with a living master…

If you’ve always wanted to learn how the very best painters work with figures…

If you’d like to discover how to work with the various elements within a landscape and create something powerful and full of emotional impact…

…then Painting the Figure in Nature was created for you!

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