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Learn to Paint a Female Portrait with Legendary Realist Max Ginsburg

Legacy of an American Painter™

Step-by-Step Painting Demonstration

Plus: Bonus Documentary on the Life of This Legendary American Artist

Max Ginsburg Legacy of an American Painter™

Legacy of an American Painter: Max Ginsburg™

Unlike most art video producers, Streamline takes you into the mind and the life of the artist, enabling understanding of the motivations behind the paintings. In this two-DVD set, we give you an in-depth painting demonstration as Max Ginsburg paints a live model. You’ll see how he poses and lights the model, how he sets up his paints and palette, and the step-by-step process of creating the painting. Though it may, to some, seem almost impossible, Max’s generous teaching style makes his portrait process one that anyone can follow, whether a novice or a professional.

Max Ginsburg’s classes at the Art Students League in New York are always full, with a waiting list. This is the first time in Max’s 80-plus years that he has released a painting video showing the techniques he’s learned in 65 years as an artist. Plus, you’ll learn about his thinking process as he paints, why he does what he does, why he chooses the colors, the lines, and the brushstrokes. This DVD set includes a special interview with Max by Peter Trippi, the renowned editor of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, plus Max walks through a show of his work at the Butler Museum and explains the thinking behind most of the paintings. As a bonus, Max does a second demo painting while having a discussion with Fine Art Connoisseur publisher B. Eric Rhoads. You’ll get to see Max paint two portraits.

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2-Disc Set Includes

  • Demonstration
  • Documentary
  • The Butler Museum Retrospective Walk-Through with Max Ginsburg
  • Slide Show of Ginsburg Paintings
  • Interview with Fine Art Connoisseur Editor Peter Trippi
  • Discussion with Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher B. Eric Rhoads
  • Over six hours of footage in one set


Ginsburg-Phyllis Beard


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