Bryan Mark Taylor: The Master’s Mind

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Video Length: 5 hours


Learn along with the artist as he:

  • Explains, in easy-to-understand terms, how the human brain best learns. It’s amazing and important science that you must know to achieve mastery...
  • Shows you how the eyes and the brain work together to interpret what you see — not just the obvious objects, but what an artist needs to see in order to create paintings that you and others will find strikingly appealing. Without this, your paintings may never get beyond mediocrity...


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Travel Into the Minds of Great Artists and Discover How They Rose to a Level of Unsurpassed Mastery … And How You, for the First Time Ever, Can Put Their Level of Genius Into Your Own Artwork 

Now You Can Speed Your Progress as a Painter More Than Ever Before by Using a Newly Discovered Art Learning Technique That Will Save You Thousands of Hours of Frustration

Do you know how and why master painters become masters? For hundreds of years it’s been believed to be all about investing tens of thousands of hours in practice.

But a new, historic breakthrough discovery immediately shuts down the idea that you need thousands of hours to become a master.

In fact, the new discovery is embarrassingly simple, and will probably irritate those who spent thousands of hours learning only to find out there is a better and faster way to achieve master status as an artist.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, we thought so too. That is, until we saw it in action from artist Bryan Mark Taylor, who has devoted the last few years of his life learning about… well… learning about learning.

When we saw it, we realized it would revolutionise how artists learn and could change the art world forever.

Imagine how the art world would change if you and others did not have to devote a lifetime to achieving master status.

We know you will stop at nothing in your quest to become a better painter. We have all invested an incredible amount of time, money, and energy attending classes and workshops, gone on shopping sprees to buy better paint brushes, easels, and canvases (and more!) — and many of us have even flown thousands of miles to learn from a master artist one-on-one.

Now please don’t misunderstand, there is NOTHING wrong with any of these things — it’s all part of the experience of achieving a higher level of success with painting, something we all want and take very seriously.

But there is something missing in that mix of painting supplies, learning, practicing, and everything else you do to reach your goals as an artist, whether as a hobbyist or a professional.

What is that piece you’re missing? Once you find out, you will be shocked that you didn’t know this before, because it will seem so obvious. But please don’t beat yourself up — it’s not your fault! It’s something art schools don’t teach, instructors don’t know, and even some highly successful artists didn’t know to do this in their own struggle to get to the top.


The Missing “Thing”

What is that “thing” you’re missing? Well, hold tight because we’re about to tell you the magic answer.

First, though, it’s more important for you to understand what is happening because you’re missing this “thing” — it will make the answer so much more clear once we reveal it to you.

Have you ever been down to the final few pieces of a puzzle you’re working on, and you just know there are not enough pieces left to complete it? Without those last few critical pieces, you may never get to enjoy that feeling of exhilaration when you stand back, take a proud look, and say, “Ahhhhh, I did it!”

This same feeling can happen in your painting, sculpting, or other artwork. You can learn lots of different techniques, practice like crazy, and still feel let down when you can’t quite get the work where you want it to be. The feeling that comes when your art projects don’t turn out the way you envisioned them can be frustrating — so much so that you’ll spend even more time trying to fix it, set it aside, or just throw it away. All of this is time-consuming and will lessen your enthusiasm for your artwork.


You May Think You've "Lost It"

After several disappointments, you may begin to believe you’ve lost your magic touch for art. This is where hobby artists might just move on to another hobby. If you are a professional artist making a living from your art, the feeling of “I’ve lost it” can be especially devastating.

But “I’ve lost it” isn’t true — it just means you’ve reached your peak of knowledge and skill. To remedy this, you might start the frantic cycle of attending more classes, signing up for more workshops, and going on more shopping trips for supplies.

Trust us, this isn’t the answer. The answer lies in the way you learn new information, techniques, and methods of creating your artwork.

In this innovative video, Bryan will demonstrate six detailed exercises that will guide you along the path to artistic excellence.

Watch and participate as Bryan:

  • Explains, in easy-to-understand terms, how the human brain best learns. It’s amazing and important science that you must know to achieve mastery.
  • Shows you how the eyes and the brain work together to interpret what you see — not just the obvious objects, but what an artist needs to see in order to create paintings that you and others will find strikingly appealing. Without this, your paintings may never get beyond mediocrity.
  • Reviews the “hard skills” that are necessary for every artist to know — this knowledge alone will allow you to become a better painter and to paint more quickly, producing more paintings than ever. You will no longer struggle with the frustrations you may be having now, just by understanding and applying these hard skills.
  • Reveals the real truth behind some of the myths and inaccurate “rules” that artists have learned, either through formal education, workshops and classes, or from other artists — these faulty rules are holding you back, and once you know the truth, your mind and your skills will open up to new and amazing ways of learning and applying what you already know and what you will learn in the future.
  • Explains exactly why you’ll hit plateaus and what you can do to quickly move on — every artist hits these plateaus, but now you’ll have the skills you need to move forward.
  • The number one thing you must do before you go to bed so that you wake up feeling refreshed and inspired the next morning … you’ll never have “mind block” again!
  • Gives you the best tips ever to avoid complacency and stagnation — the magic is in changing the way you think and how you learn. It’s all here!
  • Puts each new learning technique he presents into action so that you can both hear and see exactly what he means and how to do it — the concept of learning more quickly and efficiently is probably new to most of us, and Bryan teaches it in a way that makes it stick!
  • And so much more!


Think about it — you’ve been doing the best you can with what you know, and maybe you’ve gotten to a place of feeling stuck and just can’t get beyond it. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault — you’ve just been limited in your capacity to learn new and different things. You were taught a specific way to learn, and you’ve done that.

Until you actually see how to learn differently, you won’t be able to get past the point of being stuck. By allowing Bryan to show you new and better ways to learn, you’ll quickly move beyond these barriers and think and do things more quickly and efficiently.

Bryan is a highly accomplished artist, and in this video he focuses on how the six exercises he will take you through can help you become a better painter. But this information can be adapted and applied by anyone who wants to master what they do in their lives — everything from learning how to study in school to becoming a world-class musician. You will definitely want to have others watch this video with you.


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About the Artist: Cesar Santos

From his early childhood in Cuba, Cesar Santos was always interested in creative arts after, immigrating with his family to Miami, he dreamt of a future as an artist. After attending art school and learning a contemporary view of post-impressionistic principles, Cesar wanted to add to his knowledge by understanding the scientific aspect of painting, so he set off to the Angel Academy in Florence to learn more. He then took that knowledge and blended it with what he had learned and used it to develop his own unique and personal style that reflects both modernism and traditionalism.

Cesar is well known for creating portraits that reflect his passion for the unnoticeable, yet irreplaceable, people of his community.