Digital Downloads

All digital purchases are fulfilled by our streaming company


In what format are digital downloads? understands that customers have a variety of preferences when viewing video; some prefer to view on a tablet, smartphone or laptop, other prefer to watch on their TVs, through Roku, a smart TV browser or Apple TV. Some customers will want to stream video, while others will want to download to their computer or mobile device and watch with perfect playback even if their internet connection is slow or intermittent, or they are completely offline. accommodates all these methods of viewing and more, with a list of supported devices at the bottom of this page:

If you choose to download your product, offers a free app for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android that takes care of reliably downloading and viewing the movies, somewhat similar to downloads from Netflix, iTunes or Amazon Prime apps. The products are presented in full HD quality complete with chapter menu and all bonus materials. You can delete them to free up space on your device and re-download at any time, or enjoy complimentary streaming on any compatible device.