Charles Miano: Old Master Portrait Drawing

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Video Length: 10 hours, 30 minutes

Here’s what Charles has in store for you:

  • How to translate life into art — now, this is what feeds an artist’s soul!
  • Ways to break down sometimes-complicated classical approaches into manageable stages (artists of every level will find this beneficial!)
  • The advantage ofsprezzatura (Charles explains what this means and how it will help you!)
  • Overcome the difficulty of relating the parts to the whole (all while keeping your spontaneity and freedom alive!)
  • Create works of passion that are satisfying to you (and that others want to have for themselves!)
  • See why Charles creates art with a love for humanity and teaches with purity of intention (this could be the magic bullet you’ve been looking for!)
  • Capture the spirit of another human being by reflecting their facial expressions (Charles takes you beneath the surface to better understand human morphology)
  • Discover ONE very important piece that just about every artist is missing (it’s what will help you really increase the quality of your work!)
  • Ever feel too attached to — or too detached from — your artwork? Not anymore!
  • The method to move beyond only what you can see by interpreting and reducing abstract concepts into workable steps — exactly what you need to succeed!
  • How knowing anatomy allows you to capture movement and emotion (the answer to a big struggle for many artists)
  • Explore art from both your head and your heart — allow different influences and concepts to help you find your own groove
  • …And SO much more for you!!

Drawing is the Foundation

Ask any great artist alive … drawing is the foundation of all art.

The Old Masters knew that without excellent drawing skills, an artist cannot do great paintings or sculpture. Yet today, too many artists try to shortcut drawing, resulting in a lifetime of frustration and artwork that is rarely given high praise, or even noticed.

Why is this?

Simply put, there are very few people on earth who know how to teach the techniques of the Old Masters, the highest standard of drawing an artist can achieve.

Investing in Your Future as an Artist

Even if you’re a seasoned artist, you’re going to discover how investing a small amount of time to perfect your drawing will change your artwork forever. You’re also going to see that it’s not just the time commitment you’ll be making, it’s receiving the proper instruction. 

And if you’re new to the art world, you’re about to save yourself YEARS of trial and error by mastering the art of drawing right now.

You see, when you find the right person to show you the methods that make things easier, you can save a tremendous amount of time (and avoid a tremendous amount of frustration!). 

Going Way Beyond the Basics

This is an in-depth, comprehensive, content-rich, and value-packed course-style video with Charles Miano explaining and demonstrating his tried and true methods for creating a classically inspired portrait drawing. 

Even if portraits aren’t your thing, you’re STILL going to find the lessons Charles presents priceless because these skills will make all of your drawing better ... from the human figure, still life, landscapes and plein air, and even architecture — it all starts with drawing.

A Better Way to Learn

Charles uses a step-by-step teaching method, so you’re actually building your drawing layer by layer. By seeing how each layer is done, you won’t feel the overwhelming pressure of getting every feature just right the first time. 

You’ll have a chance to adjust and correct before moving to the next step …and doesn’t that sound like a much easier way to learn than other methods you’ve tried?

Capture the True Human Spirit

Charles Miano isn’t just a guy with a bag of tricks or slick techniques. This is a man who lives like those Old Masters — devoted to his craft, dedicated to his students, and driven to see these methods preserved. His drawings go beyond good technical skills. His popularity is driven by his ability to capture the human spirit while using a classical foundation and contemporary inspiration.

Charles has spent years meticulously studying the ways of the Old Masters and the universal principles of nature. He brings that depth of knowledge to his teaching and to his own work. His long-standing commitment to the traditional systems has allowed him to develop a unique artistic and instructional style that blends a loose and expressive approach with aspects that are classically finished.

You’ll find his methods and style will offer you the opportunity to experience total renewal in your own artwork.


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