Nikolai Blokhin: Russian Master Portraits

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Video Length: 5 Hours


Highlights of Nikolai Blokin in Russian Master Portraits

    • Master Russian Impressionism with one of Russia’s master artists
    • 18th-century art techniques from the "Golden Age of Russia”
    • Watch Blokhin in action with his unusual art techniques
    • See Blokhin’s amazing art studio (there’s a cat!)
    • Full-body painting experience you’ve never seen before
    • Never-before-seen oil painting methods
    • How the Russians get their models to pose
    • Unique “finger painting” techniques that’ll make you go, “What?!”
    • How to bring out the features in your painting
    • How to develop the face and figure like a sculptor
    • See how Blokhin manipulates his brush
    • How to go beyond the brush to create amazing effects
    • The secret to using thick paints
    • How to turn gooey tendrils of color into textile
    • Blokhin’s personal “Brushstroke Switch”
    • Palette knife and scrape techniques
    • How to create unexpected effects with skillful brushwork
    • An interview with Eric Rhoads
    • Plus much, much more!

The Western world can now witness how the Russians paint their masterpieces.

What you’re about to discover are techniques that have never been documented before...

I’m talking about 18th-century art techniques of Russian Impressionism that have been handed down since 1789! 

This is the first time the techniques of this master will be recorded on video ... and now you can finally learn and apply them to your own paintings!


The Birth of Russian Impressionism...

When the Empress Catherine the Great ruled Russia, from 1762 to 1796, the country went through a major change. During her reign, she revitalized Russia; it grew larger and stronger, and was recognized as one of the great powers of Europe.

Today, that period is widely considered the Golden Age of Russia.

Catherine had a dream to fill her homeland with beauty so she brought in Paris’ best sculptors, painters, and architects to design her city and train her craftsmen. She also founded the Imperial Academy of Arts to train young Russians to achieve her vision. 

The prestigious Imperial Academy was completed in 1789, and it stands today as one of the largest art schools worldwide — complete with a significant museum of paintings, sculpture, and plaster casts.

The Academy has developed a reputation as one of the finest art schools in the world, training artists who became world-renowned, like Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Vladimir Makovsky, and many others. These artists were responsible for what has become known today as the “Russian Style.”

Today, the Academy, now known as the Saint Petersburg Institute for Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, has stayed true to the vision of its founding in 1789!

The Institute’s goal is to train and prepare artists to reach their highest level of mastery, and only the finest artists get to become professors there. 

To be accepted as a student into the Institute is not easy. Out of hundreds of applicants, only 20 to 30 students are accepted each year. 

These are the best of the best, and most of these students start drawing at age 7! Then they spend the rest of their lives refining their craft under the guidance of some of the Institute’s top instructors.

One of those instructors is Nikolai Blokhin, and today he is in such high demand that he no longer teaches in person … which is why we were so excited when he agreed to teach his techniques in a video.

Masterfully translated from Russian to English, you’ll experience Nikolai’s words of wisdom as he shares the methods and techniques handed down through the centuries.

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