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Artists: Is a Video Project Right for You?

Streamline Premium Art Videos are produced by the publishers of two of the finest art magazines in the world, Fine Art Connoisseur and PleinAir. Our magazines feature only the finest artists, those whom we feel have earned the right to be featured in our pages. Our readers understand that a living artist’s being featured in either magazine means that artist has been vetted by our editors and is producing art to the highest standards.

Not just any artist is invited to have a premium art video produced about their life and work. It is our belief that our being selective enough to produce videos with only the finest master artists will give our viewers confidence that they are learning from the best. We’re also interested in obtaining the highest-quality experience for the viewer; therefore our goal is to carefully choose artists who not only have obtained a certain stature in the marketplace, but who have a unique approach and the ability to teach that approach effectively.

Streamline Premium Art Videos are produced with true cinematic style. While most art videos today are home-produced by artists themselves, we’ve hired a Hollywood producer with experience shooting full-length motion pictures, music videos, and commercials. Our goal is to make films about artists and their techniques at a standard comparable to the work of the artists we feature.

Though Streamline often reaches out to invite artists to be filmed, artists can inquire about having Streamline produce a film for them. We offer full production services to qualified artists who wish to fund and produce their own videos. However, we focus primarily on producing films that are released under the Streamline brand and take full advantage of Streamline’s extensive marketing ability through its websites, newsletters, conventions, and magazines.


Does Streamline Have Legal Advantages?

Most art videos entering the market lose a tremendous amount of revenue because of unauthorized rental of videos and illegal copying and streaming of videos. Streamline follows a specialized protocol for the release of its films that is designed to prevent unauthorized rentals and theft.


Should I Have Streamline Distribute My Existing Video?

Most self-produced artist videos reach a point where sales plateau because of limited reach and a lack of marketing resources. From time to time Streamline is willing to become the distributor of videos or films that have already been produced. In these cases Streamline carries inventory of the films, takes orders for the films by phone and online, and handles all shipping and handling in exchange for a distribution agreement.

To inquire about producing a Streamline Premium Art Video or a distribution arrangement, contact or phone (561) 655-8778.